Santorini Island

It is no secret that Santorini is one of the most spectacular places on earth. Our guests are overwhelmed by the exquisite views of the caldera and the whitewashed cave houses which portray a thriving culinary and wine culture. We have created a program to assist visitors in exploring the tasty side of this legendary island.

Learn all about the celebrated wines of Santorini, their history and evolution and the unique microclimate of this ancient, volcanic island.

Aegean Flavours takes you to a healthy Mediterranean diet trip. Hands on classes will help you discover the local cuisine and wines. We are committed to ensure your culinary experience while visiting Santorini is unforgettable. Santorini is about food, wine and lifestyle.

Santorini is also identified with Atlantis. This is the story about a prosperous land that disappeared without trace, sunk into the sea by the anger of gods. Atlantis stands for one of mankind's oldest dreams and myths, the one of the lost paradise. In similar versions it occurs in many civilizations. The classical Atlantis story, however, the one where the name Atlantis is used, is the one told by the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato in two of his dialogues, Kritias and Timaeus.

In Plato's version it is not an objective report of events, but rather a moral tale that uses the story of - true or invented - events in the background. As a consequence, when it comes to interpreting the story as a report, it is not ambiguous. One of the most debated questions has always been the location of the place Plato might have referred to. Many serious investigators think that the source of the legend is actually the Minoan eruption of Santorini.

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