My husband and I decided to take a vacation to Santorini in the summer of 2014.  After looking at several different tour options, we chose Aegean Flavours because the itinerary was exactly what we were looking for in a trip.  I was hesitant because I could not locate any reviews of Aegean Flavours- but the itinerary was perfect and these guys seemed very nice on the phone so I decided to take a chance and book the itinerary.  I had very high expectations going into the trip. I am one of those people who wants the accommodations and tour to look exactly like the photographs.  Nothing about this trip was a disappointment.  This trip was exactly what I had hoped for.  We stayed in Fira at the best hotel.  The views on this island are breathtaking so I believe it is extremely hard to describe the beauty of this Greek phenomenon called Santorini! Our room was big and was comfortable in every aspect.  All of our breakfasts were amazing.   We sipped Vinsanto wine, sampled local tomatoes and salads in spectacular locations.  We were fortunate to have an amazing tour guide during our visits.  He knew everything about wine. Aegean Flavours gave us a program to follow each day, so the guide was not on our doorstep every morning. There were meeting points and I guess that an island such as Santorini, this is an excellent idea as you can never be lost doing simultaneously your own thing! Maybe in the beginning we panicked a little but as soon as we understood our way around, it was all a piece of cake. We cooked and ate so much amazing food and wine. The lessons were not intensive but the chef really spoke perfect English and taught us a ton. The sunset sailing tour was also not bad at all.

Yolanda S., Hamilton, New Zealand (June 2014)



"One terrific recipe I learnt during my vacation with Aegean Flavours is called Ravani. This Ravani was one of the first desserts I made for my husband when I got back and it quickly became one of his favorites as well. Some time ago, he even treated his co-workers to some and as such I bake a large pan every couple of months for him to bring to the office. Our vacation on the island of Poros was exactly what we needed! It was exactly what we looked for! Thank you! Merci beacoup Emmanuelle!”

Sarah S., Tarbes, France (July 2013)



"Just got back from this group's tour in Poros and Hydra. We can say enough about the owner's ability to get our small group to private artisanal tastings, amazing markets and local special meals and wonderful settings. Had the best time. My husband and i were wowed by the experiences, and all our packed local fish, spreads, wine, and ceramics made it home safely."

Pamela D., Melbourne, Australia (October 2013)



"My trip to Greece was absolutely perfect - the food, wine, cooking instruction, excursions and accommodations were all wonderful; most importantly the people who were my guides allowed me to experience the country in a much more meaningful way. It is one of the best vacations I've ever experienced."

Ian H., Larnaka, Cyprus (April 2014)


Our trip was fabulous and our tour guide was the very best.  She was vivacious, showed her love for all things in Poros - the people, the history, and of course, the food and wine.  This was no cookie cutter trip - we felt like we were the only tourists wherever we went.  I would recommend this trip to all my friends.

Olrando F., Atlanta, USA (July 2013)



This was without a doubt one of the best cooking vacations ever! The food tour of Athens was just extremely good and the restaurant chosen by Andreas was perfect. As for our cooking class, it is really hard to describe how good it was. That lady was so knowledgeable! I love that she gave us so many tips and tricks to use in the kitchen and encouraged us to cook by feel and taste! This is what I imagined Greek life to be. She also gave us so much information concerning the healthy living explaining why the Greeks live so long.

Emil S., Goteborg, Sweden (May 2014)



A trip of a lifetime! The perfect balance of culinary experiences and wine tasting set amongst the backdrop of Nafplio/ Corinth! What a wonderful way to see this beautiful part of Greece – best known for their oranges and vineyards! Cooking with Leonidas was a true culinary delight!  The days spent visiting the vineyards and wineries in Nemea were both educational and beautiful! This trip was the perfect balance of tasting, touring and experiencing! Thank you!

Thomas B., Paris, France (June 2014)



Thank you both again so much for the wonderful week in Crete, I learnt so much and enjoyed every minute. It was such a lovely group and we all hope to stay in touch and circulate pictures.

Elizabeth, V., Waterloo, Belgium (June 2015))



We all felt that it was a fabulous week vacation in Santorini. Just enough "programmed" and "unprogrammed" time; super interesting, and sociable, and talented teachers and a tour guide; great choice of tour stops and tastings; and comfortable hotel. I never learned so much by having such an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Thanks Aegean Flavours.Emmanuelle & Andreas are the way forward.

Ellie V., Carson City, Nevada, US (September 2015))

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