Aegean Flavours is a tour operator that works with locals. One of the core elements of our philosophy is that we take into account the views and aspirations of the host community. Their support for our product is essential and genuine community involvement can enrich the experience of our guests. When a community is involved in the direction of tourism development it is more likely to become an active partner and take a particular stake in the development of the destination.

We offer a diverse selection of venues deep in the Greek countryside or in the thick of Athens, with accommodation ranging from cozy villas or urban designer hotels. Each program and tour is chosen with great care and experience.

Our chefs are prepared for both the eager novice and the experienced home cook. The atmosphere lends itself to learning and participation leavened with fun! Our team consists of our marketing team in the south of France headquarters, but when we run the packages our team in Greece consists of people with enthusiasm and zest for life. Our food tours, wine tours, tastings, and historical visits are run by professional guides, and the sailing weeks are coordinated and organized by skippers with an enormous expertise. As for the cooking lessons’ instructors, these are legends of the local cuisine!

Kali Orexi!



Cooking classes’ Instructors

These are some of the chefs who execute the cooking classes & seminars. They are world class teachers of Greek cuisine. They are a mixture of awarded chefs, cooking books’ authors and traditional housewives. All of them have been dealing with food tourism for a lot of years and they now honour Aegean Flavours Ltd. with their presence.


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